Eerie Fireplace Mantel

Eerie Fireplace Mantel

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Happy Autumn! Well, almost. We still have a few more days before the official first day of Fall (Wednesday, September 23, 2015) kicks off. However. I couldn't wait to share my latest design with you.

Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia
Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia

My mantel is still in the first stages of being decorated, later in the following weeks this fireplace mantel will come alive. My fireplace still needs an assortment of pillar candles for added spookiness and I'm also thinking paper bats- stay tune to see how this fireplace mantel turns out. Big reveal coming later this month October 2015.   

Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia

If you would like this look for your own home. I have linked a few of the items that are on my mantel for you below.

Martha Stewart Halloween Crafts
Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia

I still need to tuck-away the eye socket tabs to give my 3D Skulls a much cleaner look.

Black Rat
Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia

Are these not the cutest four-legged critters you have ever seen? I love that you can pose all four limbs, tail, and little hands and feet anyway you like.

*Note: the body and head are not pose-able.   

Cobweb Corner via Silhouette Design Store

Here you have the same cobweb corner by Jennifer Wambach -one sports the dangling spider, the other is spider-less but it is the same web.


I apologize for NOT being able to link all the items on my mantel due to lack of images from the original online stores. Nonetheless I will do my best to help you find most if not all my great finds. Among my own DIY decorations.

1.  Black Spiders & Spider Web Candelabra via eBay.

2. Skeleton Hand via Michael's Craft Store.

3. Magic, Spells and Witches Potion Book via Michael's Craft Store.

4. Mini Yellow Bird Cage (painted Black my personal DIY) via Michael's Craft Store.

5. Tiny Black Birds on Mini Cage via Michael's Craft Store.

6. White Distressed Picture frame (my personal DIY project).

7. Halloween Spider Novelties (6pc Pack) via Michael's Craft Store.

8.  Spooky Halloween Cloche via Michael's Craft Store.

9. Crows on Branches via Dollar Tree Store.

10. Cylinder Vase filled with black beans + DIY Branches painted black)

11. Poseable Black Raven/Crows (on book) via Michael's Craft Store.

12. Creepy Cloth via Michael's Craft Store.

13. Fireplace Skull Trio via TJ Maxx.

Eerie Fireplace Mantel | Maritza Garcia

I just have to close with a big thank you to my super awesome family and friends. Thank you all for being so nonchalant and able to see past the fact that our home is starting to look a little like the Addams Family house. I really have to mainly thank my wonderful husband for allowing all this kookiness to go on, for his constant support and patience with me this time of year, every year. I tell my husband, "Honey, it's for the blog," and Mr. Egg just smiles and nods, as I carry on, and continue turning our humble home into a haunted home.

Well my friend. I hope you'll continue to follow my progress and check back frequently to see what fun and exciting things I have to share with you. You may also follow via Instagram to stay updated on all my designs. I hope you enjoyed spending a little time with me today, I truly enjoyed your visit.

- Maritza.

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