Thanksgiving DIY Wishbone Tree

Thanksgiving DIY Wishbone Tree

Wishbone Tree DIY | How to make a Thanksgiving Wishbone tree | by

Hello friend. Today I want to share this wishbone tree DIY. With Thanksgiving just around the corner. As I started preparing our Holiday Menu. I had a  thought. Whoa! A Turkey only holds ONE wishbone. Why not create a fun after dinner center piece? Thought it would be fun to set on the table and have our friends and family pick a tiny wishbone off the tree to make a wish! I figured this would be fun for our youngest or our young at heart guest too.

Thanksgiving DIY Wishbone Tree via Maritza Garcia.


let's get started.

Thanksgiving DIY Wishbone Tree via Maritza Garcia.
Thanksgiving DIY Wishbone Tree via Maritza Garcia.


Step 1.

Trim your branch to fit into your vase, making sure not to cut to short. Remember, you want your branch to look like a tiny tree.

step 2.

Get all your wishbones out of the glass jar and set aside.

step 3.

Cut 15 strings of Gold thread and make string hangers for all your wishbones.

step 4.

You will need a vase filler to help support the weight of your floral branch and to help center it as well.

Step 5.

Take your branch and place it inside vase, start filling vase with your vase filler, make sure your branch is centered. Next place all the wishbones into your thread string hangers and begin hanging your wishbones on your tree. Tip: space them out at different levels.

Step 6. 

Lastly wrap your vase with floral wire moss ribbon -and you are done, enjoy your wishbone tree!

As always. I hope give this DIY a try. Also. Let me know if you'll be making one for your Thanksgiving table this year. Use hashtag knotjustpaperdiy to share via Instagram. Until next time friend. Happy crafting!

- Maritza.

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