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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a year of health, wealth and happiness. May this be the year we finally do all the things we said we wanted to do.

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"Wow, did those last few days of 2016 feel like they dragged on for a bit." Yes... (no)?! Well, I'm just glad we wrapped up the year and can now get back to our lives. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and spending time with my extended family member's, but at times it can get overwhelming with so much going on all at once.

Now I'm free to take-in the last two days of what's left of my winter break and just relax, maybe we'll watch a movie or two, play a few board games, or simply cuddle on the couch while watching HGTV. I hope you are enjoying your first day of the year as much as I am. 

Here's a small look back at some of my 2016 projects.

Christmas Morning | www.maritzagarcia.website
Christmas Cheer | www.maritzagarcia.website
Oh Deer | www.maritzagarcia.website
Dashing through the Snow | www.maritzagarcia.wesite
Merry Christmas | www.maritzagarcia.website
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Thankful Place Settings | www.maritzagarcia.website


Roll paper into a tube shape, sealing along the long side using double sided tape, pinch two ends together, sew, staple or glue. Next put your treats into open end. Lastly pinch opposite end together and sew, staple or glue shut perpendicular to opposite side. Add on accessories. 

Snail Mail | www.maritzagarcia.wesite
Snail Mail | www.maritzagarcia.website
All the Pretty Things | www.maritzagarcia.website
All the Pretty Things | www.maritzagarcia.website

Until next time friend. Happy Crafting!

xo Maritza

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