DIY Invitations Using Silhouette Cameo

DIY Invitations Using Silhouette Cameo

DIY Invitations Using Your Silhouette Cameo | How to Make Your Own Invitations | by

For this Project you can use your own photos or drawings, as well as any design you own from within your Silhouette library. It's easy to create unique stationery and paper goods using a Silhouette Cameo and not to mention. So much fun. 

DIY Invitations Using Silhouette Cameo by Maritza Garcia.
DIY Invitations Using Silhouette Cameo by Maritza Garcia.

Have fun creating everything from envelopes, invitations, cards, stickers, 3D embellishments and so much more. Be creative and unique with your designs, no matter how you choose to decorate your invitations, I'm sure they will turn out absolutely amazing.

DIY Invitation Using Silhouette Cameo by Maritza Garcia.

 To Get Started, You Will Need.

1. Silhouette Cameo 2. Printable White Sticker Paper 3.Heavy Weight Cardstock and 4. Printer

Below I added a few clickable links to help get you started.

1. Envelopes

2. Cards

3. Stamps

4. Mail Stamp Sketch and 5. Label Sketch

6. Spring Bouquet 1Spring Bouquet 2Spring Bouquet 3Spring Bouquet 4


1. Start by selecting your designs, shapes and sizes. If using your own images, copy and paste from your own photo library or you can continue by selecting a design from your personal silhouette library. Remember, it's always best to work with a theme in mind and go from there. For this project I went with flowers, I don't know why, but I tend to be drawn to flowers almost automatically, but anything goes, in the end, it's your project and it should reflect your personality, not mine. 

3. For the rest of your project play around with sticker ideas that best fit your projects theme. Tip: for stickers or embellishments to fit perfectly. it is always helpful to measure against your envelope/cards to make sure stickers are printed to accommodate your finished product.

Project time: 1 hours

And as always. I really do hope you give this DIY a try. Until next time my friend. Happy Crafting!

xo Maritza

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