Paper Flower Napkin Wraps

Paper Flower Napkin Wraps

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Before Summer completely fades. Gather your people and throw a Summer Soirée Celebration.

Paper Flower Napkin Wraps |

Hi there. If this is your time visiting the blog. "Welcome new friend or if your one of the regular's around here -welcome back old friend!" So, what's NEW? Good question! Clay Dishes and Paper Flower Napkin Wraps. Sometime back I had created these paper flowers on my silhouette cameo, I simply put together a cluster of misshaped circles to create my flowers and added some watercolors. For those of you that don't own a Silhouette Cameo, break out those scissors.

Paper Flower Napkin Wraps |

The more you follow along, the more likely you are to notice how much I love working with both paper and clay. I made these clay dishes to help display my paper flower napkin wraps, I hate to admit that a few months ago I gifted all our GOOD dinnerware and now we are left with two salad plates and four dinner plates -errr, make that three dinner plates. 

Anyway, it's not that I don't want a new dinnerware set. It's just that recently I got it in my head that I must own all white ceramic dishes. I love the look of rustic, handmade dishes with lots of imperfections in the details, kind of like these, click here to view. I just want a set I'll love for the next few years, I wouldn't want to buy something I won't like a year or so from now. On a good note, my husband and I have agreed on a set from crate and barrel. We plan to head to our nearest C&B store to see the set up-close to make sure their the ones. 

Paper Flower Napkin Wraps |

In case you want to know where to find the goods in these photos, click on links below.


1. Flour Sack Kitchen Towel - Gray Dot (4 Pack)

2. Clay

3. Water Colors

4. Paint Brushes

5. Heavy Weight Card Stock

6. Twine

7. Gloss Enamels white paint

Project Time: 1 hour

Paper Flower Napkin Wraps |

I apologize for not including more details on how to create these DIY clay dishes. I have a few photo tutorials from previous clay projects you may find helpful, if you would like to see a step by step how-to or for more on material information -click here

Paper Flower Paper Wraps |

- update -

Friday, July 22, 2016

Paper Flower Napkin Wrap Update

Hello friend! I just want to share our -New Dinnerware Set. We went with the Mercer style dinnerware set in mind, and came home with. If you like this set, you can get your very own at crate and barrel by clicking here. Also, let me tell you, this set is just as lovely online as it is in person. 

Until next time. Happy Crafting! 

- Maritza.

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