DIY: Clay Ring Holders

DIY: Clay Ring Holders

DIY Ring Holders | how to make Air-dry clay ring holders | by 

Last year sometime in September 2015. I found a new passion. It was creating with AIR-Dry Clay. Ever since my clay discovery. I've been hooked! One day I was creating a few clay dishes and was left with a few lumps of clay. Too small for me to make anymore clay dishes. I sat on my work stool, wondering what to make with my left-over clay? I began to roll a small lump of clay in-between my hands. When a finger-like shape appeared -CRAZY RIGHT! I just went with it and made Kooky Clay Fingers.   

DIY Clay Finger Ring Holder | via Maritza Garcia.
DIY: Clay Ring Holders via Maritza Garcia.

For this project you will need

1. Air-Dry Clay 2. Paint Brushes 3. Paint 4. Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze 5. Tooth Picks.

DIY Clay Ring Holders | by Maritza Garcia.

*NOTE: Clay Finger Nail Paint is Craftsmart Acrylic Paint in Wine, Clay Finger is Painted in Flesh tone Craftsmart Acrylic Paint from Micheal's craft store. My nail polish is Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI fast dry nail color in Cinna-snap (one of my favorite nail polish colors).

DIY: Clay Ring Holder | via Maritza Garcia.


1. Roll your clay into a finger-like shape or any shape you prefer.

2. Sculpt into a finger (why not one that looks like your own) add a nail shape using a tooth pick.

3. Let Dry for 1-2 days

4. Add your flesh tones and nail colors using Acrylic Paint (let dry for about 1 hour). 

5. For the last step I used Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze just on the nails to make it resemble real nail polish (let dry for one 1 hour).

and that's it, you are all done.

DIY: Clay Ring Holder via Maritza Garcia.

Hope you give this DIY a try. Be creative and have fun doing it. Who knows, maybe you can come up with something totally different. Until next time friend. Happy crafting!

- Maritza.

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