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Hello friend. So happy you came by today. I'm super excited to share this super cute Silhouette CAMEO DIY invitation with you. If you haven't already seen Sarah Ehlinger's super awesome designs, you're missing out. Sarah is an artist and illustrator who has a spot over at the Silhouette Design Store for our purchasing pleasure.

What I love most about Sarah's designs is the playfulness in her art work. Her attention to detail and how colorful her imagination is and the fact that she shares her work with us to enjoy and create with is just simply amazing to me.

No. 1

This design is 100% Sarah Ehlinger inspired. There are two ways to get your little hands on these. 1. Own a Silhouette CAMEO and purchase the designs and print your very own. Or 2. Buy @ mpix cards 

No. 2

To order click here -> mpix cards

To make your own. Here are the Sarah Ehlinger designs I used to create this Invitation with. Links below.

1. Lemon and Herb by Sarah Ehlinger

2. BBQ Skewers by Sarah Ehlinger

3. Peach Cocktail by Sarah Ehlinger

As always. I hope you give this DIY a try and I also hope you have fun creating on your Silhouette CAMEO as much as I do.

- Maritza.

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