My Etsy Finds

My Etsy Finds

Hello friend. Today's topic is all about Etsy and how wonderful of a Market Place Etsy really is. Yet at the same token. It's a place where many wonderful Shops never get found -unless by chance! Do you know how many times I've come across little gems while scrolling through endless pages on Etsy? Yes, I'm one of those people who has a certain taste. I enjoy things that look odd, with many imperfections. I look for real character in my finds. I don't want what everyone has nor things that look all too familiar.   

Here are just a few of my favorite Etsy Finds all links can be found below.

Maritza's Etsy Finds

I know you have that taste I speak of too. It's the one that causes you to not just look at items, but to examine them thoroughly. Well yes, I know. It's hard to do so over our computer screens or hand-held devices. But thank goodness for ZOOM! Only way to get up-close and personal with our online purchases. Once you've made the decision that the item(s) will be coming home. After passing all your personal inspection(s) -congratulations to us, right!


1. Dotted Cuff by Young Frankk

2. PERCA - Estuche de pez - 100% algodón by Don Fisher Shop Pisca lo Bonito

3. Set of Two Ceramic Magnets, Cute Vampire Shaped by Barruntando Ceramic

4. Set of Two Figures of Croqueta and Empanadilla by Ana Oncina

5. Braided Shrug in Charcoal by celapiu [tse-lah-pyoo] designer knits and accessories via Etsy

6.Floral Rose temporary tattoo - Floral, Unique, Tattoo, Woodland, Black, Ink, Flower by siideways via Etsy

and again- just how cute are these Barruntando ceramic figurines? I don't know about you, but these make me happy just looking at them!

Barruntando Ceramic

 Set of Two Figures of Croqueta and Empanadilla by Ana Oncina. Made To Order

Let me know if you can think of any Etsy shops you might think I'd like to add to my Favorites list- or maybe you sell on Etsy and would like to let me know? I love one of a kind and I'm always on a treasure hunt for unique finds! Happy Friday everyone!! 

Psst... you can find me on Etsy here!

- Maritza.

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