DIY Air-Dry Clay Dishes

DIY Air-Dry Clay Dishes

DIY Clay Dishes | How to Make Air-Dry Clay Dishes | by

If you follow along on Instagram you may have already seen a sneak peek of this super easy and fun DIY project. If you have the time and love working with your hands. Than this is a DIY project you have to try. Check out our three Day Long DIY Project. Air-Dry Clay takes awhile to dry. Instructions state to let all projects dry between 2-3 days.

FUN FACT: These gold painted clay hands are actually our very own hand molds. This was a Mother-Daughter project that we can't wait to perfect over the summer. Scroll down page to get all the details.

DIY Air-Dry Clay DIshes

In case you are wondering why anyone would want to make our less than perfect clay sculptures- why not!It's all the imperfections that make them uniquely your own and did I mention. It's a KID FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC DIY! Now let's get started.


Here’s what you’ll need

Air-Dry Clay (we used Crayola Non-Toxic Air-Dry Clay)

Pencil and Paper (to trace out your hand)


Glass Dish

Wax Paper

Rolling pin

Self Healing Cutting Mat

Xacto Knife

Paint Brushes

Acrylic Paint and Metallic Gold Paint (we used craftsmart all purpose, water-base, fast drying, permanent, NON-TOXIC brand paints, best part -cleans up with soap and water).

DIY Air-Dry Clay Dish Project

Step One.

Start with a blank sheet of paper, trace and cut out your hand template.  


Step two.

Soften the clay by kneading it in your hands. Next place clay onto a sheet of wax paper and roll it out to an even thickness on your cutting mat, using your template (your hand-outline) cut around your template, keeping the knife as upright as possible (90 degrees to the cutting mat).



Step three.

Once you’ve cut out your clay mold, carefully place your clay hand into your glass dish. Set aside for the next 2-3 days to make sure your Air-Dry Clay is completely dry before moving onto the final step (you'll know it's ready when it feels hard and isn't moldable).

Once your clay mold is set, you are ready to paint. You may have to do a couple coats (make sure to allow paint to dry completely in-between coats). And don’t forget to paint the sides and bottom too. :)

DIY Air-Dry Clay Dishes

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoyed this simple DIY for ages 3-100! Let me know what you plan to create for yourself or for your friends this Summer?

- Maritza.

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