An April Baby Shower

An April Baby Shower

Over the top Gift Wrap DIY | 3D gift toppers with Silhouette CAmeo | by

Hello friend. Thanks for visiting with me today. Just a few hours ago my family and I got back from celebrating my cousin Christina's baby shower. She looked so beautiful with all that mommy glow and that baby bump is just too cute. Almost kinda made me want... uh never mind.  For a moment I wanted to say, " that her being pregnant, almost made me what to be a mommy all over again." But -I can't lie.

3D Baby Shower Gift Toppers/Gift Wrapping

As a two time parent. I'm over the MOON in love with my two beautiful daughters. And in a way. I am like a new mommy to my blog right now.A blog requires a lot of time and attention. If I go to long without feeding it -per se. It just wouldn't survive without me. For now, this is my little baby. But okay, enough about all this already. :)

Here are a few pictures of the over the top baby shower gift wrapping I created for my cousin Christina and Baby ANISA.

To recreate you own 'Over The Top Gift Wrap' you will need a Silhouette Cameo and a few Silhouette Store downloads to get started.

- Links below -

1. 3D Baby Crib

2. Baby Buggy Shadow Box Card

3. Baby Card Rocking Horse

4. Baby Girl Onesie Garland

5. Block Party Favor Box

3D Gift Toppers/Gift Wrapping

Hopefully you got inspired to take your gift wrapping's to the next level. Have fun being kooky and over the top in your creations. Don't just wrap a gift- make it a piece of Gift Wrapped Art! I can't help myself. 

It's hard to look at a box and not want to add a little more than a bow and gift tag. For me. A gift will always need a little something extra. Look out for more of my over the top gift wrappings. Until next friend. Happy crafting!

- Maritza.

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