My Little Treasure Chest

My Little Treasure Chest

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Hello there. Today I wanted to share this great find I made while out and about. It was love at first sight. Next thing you know. It was getting rung up and coming home with me.

my little treasure chest

Here are the details on my ceramic tile jewelry box. While out hunting for some great finds. I came across this little beauty at my local Ross Dress for Less Store. Best part of this find. Drum roll please... I paid only FIFTEEN DOLLARS!

*NOTE: One of the compartment drawers was missing a knob, but for any DIY'er this is an easy fix, right! One quick stop to the craft store. Pick up a pack of craft wood Mini Candle Cups and now I just need to color match this little knob and attach it with a little hot glue.

- Update -

Last Month I was so excited to share this super great find I had made while out shopping. I got this lovely Ceramic Tile Jewelry Box for only fifteen dollars. All because one of the compartment drawers was missing a knob.

The plan was to add a wood candle cup, color match the knob and attach it with a little hot glue. However. It did not work out that way. As you will see in the pictures below. The candle cups were to long and it would have been obvious the knob was different from the rest. Nothing wrong with being different. Buuuutttt... my inner Virgo would not allow that tiny imperfection to be. So, I tried my best at replicating the knob out of air-dry clay and what'a ya know -ta-da!

I'm actually very happy with the end result. The more I look at my ceramic tile jewelry box. The more I like it. Makes me think of something you would definitely find at Urban Outfitter, Anthropologie or the World Market

Please NOTE: The reason I added the picture with the ruler is to show you just how deep the compartment drawers are- almost 4 inches deep and if you could just see the wood on this jewelry box in person you wouldn't believe how little I paid for it. It's very heavy and the part that makes this jewelry box even more beautiful are the ceramic tiles with all that hi-gloss finish.

Ceramic Tile Jewelry Box

I thank you for stopping by today. Have a great day. Until next time friend. Happy crafting!

- Maritza.

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