We're Just One Week Away From Valentine's Day

Love Letters and Postal Mail | by Maritzagarcia.website

With Valentine's Day just a few days away. I couldn't resist and had to pick up a few items here and there to give out to friends and family. Valentine's Day isn't just another day for me. It's a day out of the year in which I can show the people that matter the most to me just how much I appreciate them in my life. Just sending out a post card or giving out small gifts like a box of chocolates, a coffee house gift card, even homemade gifts such as chocolate covered strawberries, or homemade sugar scrubs are all sweet and thoughtful inexpensive gifts. 


Spread Some Love This Valentine's Day!

On the other hand. I dislike the pressure of having to prove how big my love is on this day. Or how romantic I can be. I mean. How much money can one spend on over-sized plush toys. Giant boxes of chocolate or forty eight red roses. Oh, and let's not forget the fancy Restaurant. To much pressure, right? Well. yes and no. We have options people. It just takes the right planning. Nothing should ever be left till the last minute. I like to stay in and cook a very special dinner for my loves. I plan out the dinner menu in advance for that day. All gifts are bought or made weeks in advance, and on Valentines Eve. I prep my dinner items that require time to marinate and chill our drinks. I also decorate my table the night before and put up any last minute decorations.   

1. sending you my love post cards via rifle paper co.

2. sealed with love postal stamps via usps.com

 Happy Valentine's Day friend. Until next time. Happy Crafting!

- Maritza.

Un-Lucky Friday the 13th, I think not.

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