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Hello World! I'm Maritza. a Newbie blogger of 2013

First Blog Post Ever | www.maritzagarcia.website

As a newbie to the world of blog. I had no idea how much work, hours, and money went into running a website. You have the constant uploading, editing, marketing, brainstorming, creating, designing, supplies and materials. -All which require your time and money.

I work a part-time job outside my home to help cover my website needs and costs, and did I mentioned. I'm a mommy and a wife 365 days a year. Tiring and rewarding all at once. Someday's are great, other day's are just good, but work never stops. I love what I'm doing.

Still I ask you. DO NOT be discouraged my friend. Eventually I'll get the hang of this. As for now, I just need to go with the flow. Right now we have so much of everything going on all at once. Were working hard at getting everything ready for our Fall of 2014 launch date.

So what's coming you ask? Are you ready for your first clue(s)? Bat's, Rat's, Witches and Ghosts. Wow! Sounds a lot like any ol' Summer's night -right?! No silly, were getting ready for HALLOWEEN. Hallows' eve is all the rave in our home right now. Were working on some exciting things, that we can't wait to share with you.

I'll be doing my best to post New Material weekly and give one to two DIY's per month. I do have a very busy life outside my work studio. I work part time during the day, after work I'm a full time mom to my kids and a busy homemaker until dinner is served and the kitchen is cleaned. Some nights with the help of my wonderful family,  things get done faster.

After that. I get to sneak away and create inside my little studio. -Muahaha!! Whoa almost sounded like I become some sort of Mad Scientist. Rushing off with little Igor monster at my side.

HA! Not really the case here. Just me. Maritza the crafter getting some alone time with my ghoulish creations. Err- I mean, my work.

For now. It's time to go back to work in the Studio and put the finishing touches on some of our upcoming images for our DIY friends to enjoy!

- Maritza.

Thank you for stopping by today. Please don't leave without saying hello. I'd love to hear from you!

Berry Sweet DIY's 3D Strawberries and Strawberry Favor Boxes

Berry Sweet DIY's 3D Strawberries and Strawberry Favor Boxes