Little Pot O' Gold by Maritza garcia.

Hello Friends! Is anyone else amazed at just how fast the New Year is passing us by? I know we all say this year after year, but really, time flies whether we're ready or not! I've been trying to stay on top of every holiday/celebration, but darn, sometimes I need to remember, "You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything" -David Allen.

This year has me running low on the crafting department, my day job has me out of my studio a lot more than usual, giving hardly anytime to crate these past few weeks. Nonetheless, I wanted to bring back one of my very favorite Silhouette craft projects from last year because I loved it so much I had to bring it back in case you missed it!  

Little Pot O' Gold |

It's these tiny Pot O' Gold 3D party favors! You can fill them with anything you like, I like to stay away for giving out candy and usually go for tiny trinkets instead, like tiny erasers, mini stickers, nontoxic tattoos, short pencils and bubbles. Don't get me wrong, candy is great, but to many sweets could rot little teeth. Regardless on how you roll, you can bet these little pots o' gold will be a hit. 

Little Pot O' Gold |
Little Pot O' Gold |

NOTE: To recreate this Craft Project you need a silhouette machine.

To download your POT O' GOLD via Silhouette Design Store click on the image below.

Happy Crafting!

xo, Maritza.

Lucky Shamrocks

Lucky Shamrocks by Maritza Garcia.

Well aren't you just so "LUCKY," from shamrocks to four leaf clovers all ready to go up on display! Here you have my rolled crepe paper pebbles for all your fun paper décor. Simply roll them and store them.

For this project I used Lori Whitlock's 5 clover shamrocks set, that I downloaded via the Silhouette Design Store. I went with two Shamrock Shapes for this project, One Four leaf Clover and Two Shamrocks that I covered in my HANDMADE rolled crepe paper pebbles. To recreate your very own Shamrocks/Clovers and Paper Letters, you may do so by purchasing the designs via Silhouette Design Store, by clicking directly on the links below.

NOTE: you must own a Silhouette CAMEO to download these designs to recreate this project. However, you could EASILY hand cut them too.

5 Clover Shamrock Set by Lori Whitlock

                marker serif font by Sarah Hurley                

Lucky Shamrocks by Maritza Garcia.
Lucky Shamrocks by Maritza Garcia.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

by Maritza Garcia

Above you see this fun little unfinished St. Patrick's Day display. I used Pot o' Gold by Amy Robison via Silhouette Design Store for all of you Silhouette CAMEO designers/creators/happy crafters/do it yourselfers- I give you, "Little Pots of Gold Treat Boxes," aren't these just too cute?! Fill them any way you like, I went with GOLD COINS, but CANDY is good too.

To recreate your very own Pot(s) o' Gold you may do so by purchasing the design via Silhouette Design Store, by clicking directly on link below.

PLEASE NOTE: you must own a Silhouette CAMEO to recreate this project.

Pot o' Gold by Amy Robison

5 Clover Shamrock Set by Lori Whitlock


P.S. If you are wondering where in the world I found that Plush St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun, wonder no more- you can own one of your very own via Oriental Trading Company. Click on link below to go directly to their webpage.

Plush St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun.



Shiny Gold Coins.


Lucky Pots o' Gold

Lucky Pots o' Gold Paper Art Frame.

For this project very little items were used

1. Old or New Picture Frame.

2. Chicken Wire

3. Marker Serif Font Letters by Sarah Hurley

4. Crepe Paper Rolled into Paper Pebbles ( lots of it ).

Click here for Step by Step Example


5. Plush St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun.

6. Shiny Gold Coins

7. Table top or Fireplace Mantel.


Lucky Pots o' Gold via

Thank you for stopping by today!

xo, Maritza.

 "Lucky Charm Canvas"

As we near St. Patrick's day, I thought it would be fun to try my luck at catching a little green Leprechaun by creating a "Lucky Charm Canvas" filled with Shamrocks and clovers, bunting banner, and paper medallions.

Lucky Charm Canvas |

To recreate your very own Lucky Charm Canvas you will need a few items from here and there, Note: Clovers, LUCKY lettering and Build a Banner Set may all be purchased via the Silhouette Design Store, by clicking directly on links below.

NOTE: you must own a Silhouette CAMEO 

              build a banner set by Sarah Hurley                

               lucky shamrocks by Sophie Gallo                

               outline clover by Sandi Idleman                

Other items I used were a basic wood frame that I covered in a Burlap Wrapping Paper (yes- it's paper), I believe I found that at our local Tuesday Morning Store, some Printed + Plain Paper Card Stock Paper for your paper medallions and some Dollar Tree St. Patrick's Day Stickers. If you have never made paper medallions, here's a great YouTube DIY Tutorial found on the link below.

How to Make Paper Medallions for a Young Explorer's Birthday Party | Pottery Barn Kids


I really do hope you give this Lucky Charm Canvas a try,

thank you for stopping in today!

xo, Maritza Garcia.