How Much Does a Customized Card Box Cost

I offer different styles and sizes from one or more tiers.

One Tier with Custom banner and choice of theme colors start at $95.00

Two tier with custom banner and choice of theme colors start at $165.00

Three with custom banner and choice of theme colors start at $225.00

Four tier with custom banner and choice of theme colors start at $285.00


How far in advance should I order my card box

One tier 7 days in advance, Two tiers 14 days in advance, Three tiers 21 days in advance, and Four tiers 30 days in advance. In some cases when I am extremely busy with orders, 6 weeks is highly recommended.

how do I order a Customized Product

To begin the process, please email me at Please include your contact number, best time you may be reached, your event date, and any ideas regarding the decoration. I will respond to your request with-in 24 hours. If you have not received a response in that time, please call me at 707 . 631 . 9155

Do you offer Appointments

Yes, I like to meet with my clients in person whenever possible, I will drive and meet with you free of charge within a 30 mile radius, anything further out requires a refundable deposit of twenty five dollars, this fee will be deducted from the price of your purchase should you decide to order, if you decide not to place an order, deposit becomes non-refundable.

Appointments are generally available between 9:00am-1:00pm Tuesday - Friday, or Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm. Please allow an hour for consultation.

*If you have to cancel your appointment, please let me know 24 hours in advance.

Once your appointment is scheduled, I recommend that you bring to your meeting, or send me in advance, any ideas or inspiration that you have regarding the decoration of your theme, such as story books, palettes, your invitation, table decorations or photos. If you have a budget in mind, please let me know as it will help me focus on the designs and ideas that fit within your budget. While I do not make direct copies of other designers work, I am open to using those photos as inspiration to create a unique design for you. At your appointment you will be asked to place a deposit of 60% to guarantee your space on my calendar, work starts promptly after your partial payment is rendered. The remainder is due one week before your event date.

Do you have A Catalogue or Brochure

All of my Card Boxes, among most other handmade products I offer are custom made and unique, therefore I do not have a catalogue. An estimate can be prepared for you upon request via email at Don't forget to include your name, contact number with the best time you may be reached and your event date.

Do you Deliver

I can organize your delivery with a reliable third-party service [sorry, USA order's only]. Delivery times and dates can fill up quickly, so make your request as soon as possible. Please contact me for an estimate.

Card Boxes and other items are also available for pickup. While self-transportation is generally not a problem, some Card Boxes and Backdrops may require onsite set up. Please remember, I am not responsible for any damage that may occur once your Card Box/Backdrop has left my hands.

Here are some guidelines for transporting your Card Box and/or Backdrop: I do not recommend that you take your Card Box and/or Backdrop on the metro or bus, Your Card Box should be transported on a flat surface at best, with nothing against it, it may become damaged by other objects in your vehicle [for example, the flat surface of your floor mat is better than the seat of a car]. Card Boxes and Backdrops should be picked up 7 days prior to your event. 

Can I make changes

In most cases changes cannot be made after work has begun on your Card Box/Backdrop, specially once your card box has been wrapped in your base color choice, decorations are often applied immediately. However, in very few cases changes can be made with-in 24 hours.

Do you teach classes or host workshops

Currently I do not host classes, but I may in the future. So keep checking!

Other Services

for all other services such as centerpieces, displays and/or backdrops, please contact me via email at 

xo, Maritza.