Merry little Christmas

December 24, 2015

Merry Little Christmas | via Maritza Garcia

gingerbread lane

December 19, 2015

Happy Holiday's -may yours be a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays on Gingerbread Lane | Maritza garcia

Ghirardelli Christmas and Treat Boxes

December 07, 2015

Hello Friends, this week I wanted to share a rare behind-the-scenes look into what's coming mid-week. If you are interested, sneak-a-peek

Ghirardelli Square via Maritza Garcia
Ghirardelli Christmas via Maritza Garcia
Ghirardelli Squares via Maritza Garcia

psst... If you want to see more, plus get all the details? click here

Felt and Prints

December 02, 2015


As Christmas fast approaches, I had really wanted to jump right into a Holiday decorating frenzy. However, that hasn't been the case this year. Often times late at night when my mind is wide awake with idea after idea and my body exhausted from my days never-ending tasks, I'm still compelled to get out of bed and jot down these ideas, if not; they get lost -forever!

My Monday- Fridays look something like this: drop off/pick up my grade school daughter, work a part-time day job, come home to cook and clean, plus dedicate my every spare moment to my one passion- creating and designing. I can't complain because believe it or not -I love my life. 

This year I was stuck with sudden inspiration when I spied the lovely work of a blogger who makes the most beautiful hand lettering art, her name is Jenny Highsmith. After I bought her art work I thought I should make a lovely mistletoe bush to hang by my soon to be framed art work. 

For the times I use other peoples work to mix-in with mine, I find it important to always give credit where credit is due. Note: when I say I use other peoples work, I refer to the designs I buy through the Silhouette Design Store from Silhouette America for Silhouette Cameo owners.   

Here you see a mix of both my work and that of Miss. Jenny Highsmith- I am the crafter behind this felted mistletoe, while the lovely hand lettering is that of Jenny Highsmith.

I wish you all a very holly jolly 2015 Christmas and a Happy 2016 New Year. 


Gingerbread Snow Angels (wishing you all Happy Holidays).

Gingerbread Snow Angels | maritza garcia
Gingerbread Snow Angels | maritza garcia


I have and always will be- a fan of everything Gingerbread! I love these little shapeless cookies and/or paper people, if I could, I would live in a Gingerbread Cottage all Tan and Trimmed in Winter White Frosting- of course, only in my Winter Wonderland dreams. Here I took a cup of Epsom salt, some freshly cut Paper Gingerbreads (note you could add bows, buttons, eyes, tiny mouths, and hair... well- maybe not hair, just have fun decorating your home, jars, fire place mantels, heck even the car -create an assortment of Gingerbread houses, and Gingerbread people). This year I was truly sadden that I was unable to create hardly any Christmas Crafts, with some much going on behind the scenes it made it near to impossible - however, every spare moment I got, I managed a few projects, hope you enjoy! I leave you with these photos and this small note-  "May your Holidays be filled with joy, friends, family, health and prosperity- Merry Christmas and a very Happy (and Safe) New Year(s)!

Gingerbread Snow Angels | maritza garcia
Gingerbread Snow Angels | maritza garcia


Angels Among Us

angels among us | maritza garcia
Angels Among Us | maritza garcia

Angels for Mrs. Norris- a few weeks ago I got a lovely email by Mrs. J. Norris ,she asked for Angels in a Jar. I was so happy to hear her feedback, as always: emails and comments make my day. I read every one and I love to hear what others have to say about my site- I loved her idea and went to work on these Paper Angels showered in Vintage Clear Glass Glitter, they float on cotton clouds and bow their heads in prayer- for where 2 or 3 gather in my name - there I am with them {Matthew 18:20}. I must admit, as I uploaded these photos, I thought of one of my very favorite passages {Hebrews 13:2} Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. I truly believe we walk among angels on a daily basis, we never know when or where we might encounter one? Could that poor man begging for a meal be an angel putting us to the test, or maybe it's that very rude waiter who's trying our patience? Angels can come to us in any form, and I believe they all serve one purpose, they walk among us to test our faith. Next time you run into a stranger, remember to be kind, even a smile is all some people need.

Angels Among Us | maritza garcia
xo, Maritza.